Retrica app: The advantages and disadvantages

Ok. Here you are at the twenty-first century, where everyone

from celebrities to politicians, princes to paupers, CEOs of large

multinationals to Jane next door—everyone in short—is enthusiastic about taking

snapshots of themselves or their friends and uploading them online. Selfies

are the new rave in the city. Everyone’s doing the work. And it won’t stop soon.

So regardless if you are clubbing along with your mates or holidaying in Hawaii, it’s

always fashionable to consider a photograph of yourself and post it on your own Instagram or

Facebook account to create everyone else green with envy— like I said, everyone’s

doing the work, even footballers just ask Podolski.

But, if you desperately want your photo to square out between the thousands

of photos uploaded every day, actually need it different, provide a touch of

class. This is where the retrica mobile app also comes in.

What is retrica mobile app, you ask?

This is a awesome app that

allows you to take vintage style photos in high quality with eighty


The ins and outs is, Retrica incorporates eighty deep and chic filters

to show a night out in the city into something truly magical. Eighty—wow! The

camera on my cell phone has like six settings something like that. So personally eighty is one thing

awesome beyond words. And beyond the basics of just using the photos, it

allows you to add a filter after or before taking your photo also it enables you

to create enough time between intervals when ever you want to capture consecutive photos.

I analyzed several reviews to the app before writing my

own and I will say is in terms of the pros and cons about retrica are concerned,

it’s everything I mentioned before. They have eighty filters, these coupled with

natural light intensity depending on the time means it has an infinite

variety of photos you can take.

The actual fact you can include filters to the photos afterwards is another great plus to the product as it

means you can come back and edit your saved photos.

And because it allows you to set the interval when planning on taking

consecutive photos, it means that one could fuss with friends at parties

and gigs.

Retrica mobile app also incorporates 22 different layout photo booths,

incorporates capabilities including the out-of-focus blur and allows you to

prepare photographs for Instagram.

The only issue with the applying is you need to pay

extra for almost any filters that do not feature that app. However, if I were to get the

app a star rating in terms of pros and cons, I’d provide four and a half stars

out of five. This is a great app, especially nowadays where

the age of social websites has turned everyone into egocentric maniacs who can’t

spend a few moments without using a snapshots and uploading them on Twitter,

Instagram or Facebook alongside an imaginative remark by me.

So here’s for your requirements while using the app by yourself, and that i hope it

works out perfect for you, just as it did for me… Cheers!